Cú Chulainn

Cú Chulainn is the mythical Hero of Ulster, son of the god Lugh of the Long Arm and Dechtire, daughter of Conor, King of the Ulaids of Northern Ireland, around the 1st century BCE.

A warrior known to transform into an uncontrollable mad berserker during battle, his body would revolve in his skin and his face distort with one eye bulging from his face, screaming battle-cries so loud that people would go insane hearing them.

Taught the martial arts by Scáthach, Warrior Queen of Skye, she gifted him a magical spear called the Gáe Bolga – the belly piercer.


The Neolithic age when we worshipped the lights…

One by one, we light the bonfires, stretching from hill to hill when the highest point of the warm season is upon us. We etch spirals into the big stones, in reverence to the small bright white lights’ journeys around us and beat the drums to summon our ancestors to beg them to ask the golden orb to shine on us.

We build our passage tombs and megaliths to align with the rising sun in the winter, to capture the blessings of its light for the coming season.

When the warmth of the shining globe nourishes our crops and dances with the moon who lights our nights, then I shall raise my arms in thanks.